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Game Jam #2

2010-12-28 01:18:36 by FireReign

If you're here to contact me about that, do so here.

Steam Account closed

2010-09-25 13:35:01 by FireReign

Fuck. There goes $150 dollars worth of games because of $2.50 and a simple typo.

Fuck, Madness Day already?

2010-09-22 10:07:58 by FireReign

God damn, I've been neglecting Newgrounds lately.

Hobbies hobbies baw-heez.

2010-09-11 12:10:23 by FireReign

I make 8-bit music and cover existing 8-bit songs, and also make some shitty arrangements.

I hack Super Mario World. My current hack is Super WORLD, which I need help with.
Hack thread on SMWCentral: here

Uhm yeah that's about it. I'm a freshman in high school, blah blah blah.

Former accounts.

2010-08-31 10:04:39 by FireReign

TwilightFox [for a couple months]
And now, FireReign! So you see, I'm not a '10er. I've been here since early '07. Thank you, have a good day.

Also, I'm banned for three days for posting in a spam thread. So shit...